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Updated: 5-March-2008



Session 1 - Perception I

Link to Full Program -- Link to Compact Schedule

Oral Presentations 15 minutes total with 12 minutes to present and 3 minutes for questions.

Session 1 - Perception I (8:30-10:00 Thursday March 13 in Expo A)

Paper Title



The geometric model for perceived roughness applies to virtual textures   Bertram Unger, Ralph Hollis, Roberta Klatzky

The Integration and Dissociation of Thermal and Frictional Cues during Material Identification   Daniel Shang, Heather Carnahan
Discrimination of Vowels with a Multi-finger Tactual Display   Ali Israr, Charlotte Reed, Hong Tan
Passive and Active Kinesthetic Perception Just Noticeable Difference for Natural Frequency of Virtual Dynamic Systems   Yanfang Li, Ali Israr, Volkan Patoglu, Marcia O'Malley
Localization and pattern recognition with tactile displays   Lynette Jones, Kathryn Ray
Discrimination of Virtual Square Gratings by Dynamic Touch on Friction Based Tactile Displays   Mélisande Biet, Géry Casiez, Frédéric Giraud, Betty Lemaire-Semail

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Link to Compact Schedule


Room Map of Silver Legacy Hotel (linked from Hotel Site by permission)