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Updated: 5-March-2008



Session 2 - Dynamics and Controls

Link to Full Program -- Link to Compact Schedule

Oral Presentations 15 minutes total with12 minutes to present and 3 minutes for questions.

Session 2 - Dynamics and Controls (10:30-12:00 Thursday 3/13 in Expo A)

Paper Title



Adaptive Control of Haptic Interaction with Impedance and Admittance Type Virtual Environments   Amin Abdossalami, Shahin Sirouspour

Haptic Solutions and Bio-Mimetically Inspired Motion Planning Strategy for Rolling-Based Locomotion   Igor Goncharenko, Mikhail Svinin, Shigeyuke Hosoe, Yutaka Kanou
Hybrid Control with Multi-Contact Interactions for 6DOF Haptic Foot Platform on a Cable-Driven Locomotion Interface   Martin J.D. Otis, Charles du Tremblay, Francois-Michel De Rainville, Marielle Mokhtari, Denis Laurendeau, Clément M. Gosselin
Measuring and Increasing Z-Width with Active Electrical Damping   David Weir, J. Edward Colgate, Michael Peshkin
Stability Analysis and Design of Multi-dimensional Haptic Systems   Gianni Bianchini, Marcello Orlandesi, Domenico Prattichizzo
Large Workspace Haptic Devices - A New Actuation Approach   Michael Zinn, Oussama Khatib, Bernard Roth, J. Kenneth Salisbury

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Room Map of Silver Legacy Hotel (linked from Hotel Site by permission)