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Updated: 5-March-2008



Session 3 - Rendering and Modeling

Link to Full Program -- Link to Compact Schedule

Oral Presentations 15 minutes total with 12 minutes to present and 3 minutes for questions.

Session 3 - Rendering and Modeling (13:00-14:30 Thursday March 13 in Expo A)

Paper Title



Haptizing Surface Topography with Varying Stiffness Based on Force Constancy: Extended Algorithm   Jaeyoung Cheon, Inwook Hwang, Gabjong Han, Seungmoon Choi

Data-Driven Haptic Rendering of Visco-Elastic Effects   Raphael Hoever, Matthias Harders, Gabor Székely
Modeling Realistic Tool-Tissue Interactions with Haptic Feedback: A Learning-based Method   Zachary Pezzementi, Daniel Ursu, Sarthak Misra, Allison Okamura
A New Line-based Algorithm for Real Time Haptic Interactions with Virtual Environments   Anderson Maciel, Suvranu De
Perceptual Rendering for Learning Haptic Skills   Timothy Edmunds, Dinesh Pai
A Multi-criteria Design Optimization Framework for Haptic Interfaces   Ramazan Unal, Gullu Kiziltas, Volkan Patoglu

Link to Full Program
Link to Compact Schedule


Room Map of Silver Legacy Hotel (linked from Hotel Site by permission)