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Updated: 5-March-2008



Session 5 - Perception II

Link to Full Program -- Link to Compact Schedule

Oral Presentations 15 minutes total with 12 minutes to present and 3 minutes for questions.

Session 5 - Perception II (8:30 - 10:15 Friday March 14 in Expo A)

Paper Title



The Role of Choice in Longitudinal Recall of Meaningful Tactile Signals   Mario Enriquez, Karon MacLean

Haptic Rendering and Psychophysical Evaluation of a Virtual Three-Dimensional Helical Spring   Vinithra Varadharajan, Roberta Klatzky, Bertram Unger, Robert Swendsen, Ralph Hollis
Influence of Visuomotor Action on Visual-Haptic Simultaneous Perception: A Psychophysical Study   Zhuanghua Shi, Sandra Hirche, Werner Schneider, Hermann Müller
Comparison of Skin Stretch and Vibrotactile Stimulation for Feedback of Proprioceptive Information   Karlin Bark, Jason Wheeler, Sunthar Premakumar, Mark Cutkosky
Visual-Haptic Perception of Compliance: Fusion of Visual-Haptic Information   Martin Kuschel, Franziska Freyberger, Roberta L. Klatzky, Martin Buss, Berthold Faerber
Haptic Identification of Stiffness and Force Magnitude   Steven Cholewiak, Hong Tan, David Ebert
Assessment of Vibrotactile Feedback in a Needle-Insertion Task using a Surgical Robot   Sumanth Peddamatham, William Peine, Hong Tan

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